DKFS are looking for new team members!

DKFS are looking for new team members! We are looking for Part 2, recently qualified Part 3 and project architects to join our team in London. We are a young practice with a strong teamwork ethos, keen to leave a mark on the current architectural landscape.
We have a fast expanding portfolio of exciting projects (including highly urban pedestrian bridges, skyline changing highway bridges and destination sea piers) across Europe, with live projects currently in Warsaw, Linz, Munich, Hamburg, Erfurt, Berlin and Frankfurt.  As an award-winning design-led office we are looking for the right candidates to work on a variety of live projects and on high profile competitions. Exceptional design and computer skills along with good technical understanding and a collaborative mind-set are crucial.
If you are interested please send your portfolio (pdf with work samples, CV and cover letter) to:

...and again! DKFS win 1st prize for their Silver Arrow

It certainly is competition season! DKFS have won the international competition for a new 430m bridge in Castrop-Rauxel near Essen Germany coined 'The Big Scarf’ by local press.  It was great working with our engineers SP Düsseldorf and Smeets Landscape architects on this. An exciting project as the innovative structural system spans over the existing Rhein-Herne Canal which in turn bridges over a river already on site. Our new bridge will feature the complex existing infrastructure project and connect to the banks with seating platforms. The international shortlist included practices such as Wilkinson Eyre UK and Feichtinger FR. Commendations go to sbp Berlin as well to Marc Mimram, Paris.  We share the win with winning group HRA Berlin as well as MLP/J2M from Munich and enter into a negotiation process. Happy Days!

1st Prize!

1st Place! Congrats to the DKFS team. Great working with MLP Engineering from Munich and Lex-Kerfers Landscape from Freising on this! Our competition entry for Roding Bridge has convinced the 20 head jury for the new infrastructure project in Roding Germany. Tough group of competitors amongst them sbp and Knippers Helbig. The bridge is part of a major flood wall and landscape integration  project which was also part of the competition. Happy Days!  

Competition Win _ 3rd Prize for Bridge in Eichstätt, Bavaria

DKFS together with MLP Munich (Hubert Busler) scored as one of the three winners in the competition for the new “Herzogsteg” in Eichstätt in Bavaria_ Germany.  Albeit its relative small size the international competition attracted proposals from leaders in their field up for the challenge. The new structure is in direct neighbourhood of the well-known Altmühlbrücke. The new bridge connects the historic centre of the beautiful city with the new developing east and the regional bus terminal. It has been picked by the jury for its efficient as well as elegant structure, which generates out of structural material logic as well as constraints of assembly. Its stainless steel skin adds a rather subtle quality with a light reflecting underside

DKFS shortlisted for Lustenau Football Stadium

DKFS has been shortlisted for the new Football Stadium in the Alps! The timberstructure sits within an interesting urban setting and uses cutting edge timber technology in an innovative way. The roof geometry is covered in for the region typical timber roof tiles while it twists and folds to optimise the viewers experience. Fingers crossed!

Museum Bridge independently nominated for German Design Award!

DKFS's Museum Bridge in Luedenscheid by Dortmund Germany has been independently nominated for the prestigious German Design Award. The Design Award of the Federal Republic of Germany (German: Designpreis der Bundesrepublik Deutschland) is the official design award for Germany presented by the German Ministry for Economics and Technology.  Great! We feel honoured!  

Structural Engineer: Werner Sobek Stuttgart 
Light Designer: Speirs & Major, London

DKFS are in the Top 15 of Competitionline's German Architectural Practice Ranking

DKFS has scored well this year in the German competitionline ranking. Due to a prolific and successful competition year we have have been ranked 15th out of more than 30.000 German architectural practices. Happy Days!

Linz EYE Bridge awarded

Our Linz EYE Bridge won the Austrian Award for its steel structure (OÖ Handwerkspreis). Fabricated by Riegler Metallbau the bridge was awarded for its outstanding structure and design forming a new part of the skyline of Linz in Austria as well as offering new vistas towards the city. 

DKFS win two international Competitions for Piers

DKFS together with Schüssler-Plan Berlin win two international competitions for pier structures in Scharbeutz and Haffkrug by Hamburg, Germany. Shown here the approx 300m pier in Scharbeutz with a 3-dimensional pier head structure forming an exciting platform for activities. It will replace the existing structure from mid last century. Scharbeutz is famous as the weekend destination for Hamburg's city dwellers and also for the Mercedes Benz SUP Cup where the new pier will serve as central piece of infrastructure for the event. It will host  exhibitions and be a platform for all who want to enjoy the sea.  

Engineering: Frank Ehrlicher, Lars Niessen, Schüssler-Plan Berlin

DKFS together with Mayr Ludescher Partner Munich unveil proposal for Bridge in Prague

DKFS together with the engineering expert Mayr Ludescher Partner, Munich unveil their proposal for Karlin Bridge in Prague. The new piece of infrastructure will link the center of Prague with the developing northern quarters. The innovative structural system reduces the necessary use of material to a minimum while generating an exciting and elegant by mirroring the flow of forces within the semi-integral system. 

Team: Dirk Krolikowski, Falko Schmitt, Ryan Blackford, Michael Scheuvens, Alex Bramhill, Hubert Busler, Burkhard Bös

Mayr Ludescher Partner 

DKFS together with the engineering expert Schüßler-Plan win Warsaw Bridge competition

DKFS together with the engineering expert Schüßler-Plan Warsaw won the international competition for the new Warsaw Bridge connecting the centre and old town of Warsaw with the Praga District to the east over the river Vistula. Once built it will be one of Europe’s longest footbridges. The competition held by the City of Warsaw for the almost 500m long pedestrian and cycle bridge attracted international attention with over 140 EOI and 40 final submissions.

The jury stated: “The winning proposal by DKFS and Schüßler-Plan is unusually elegant and timeless. It blends seamlessly into the existing city context and landscape. It is an original and unique structure, but at the same time manages to not compete with the distinctive context […].” 

Renata Kaznowska, the Deputy Major of Warsaw, said: “It was very important for us to choose what could be referred to as an architectural gem from the overwhelming response to the brief with high quality proposals. The chosen proposal however does not dominate its context, but fits seamlessly into the unique urban setting. It feels like it has always been there. “

More here

Team: Dirk Krolikowski, Falko Schmitt, Ryan Blackford, Michael Scheuvens, Alex Bramhill, Thomas Stein, Frank Ehrlicher, Justyna Grzesiak, Wioletta Zdziraska, Piotr Piotrkowicz, Andrzej Piniaha, Zbigniew Wichański

Schüssler Plan    

2nd in Radofzell at the Bodensee

DKFS together with Schüssler-Plan Frankfurt (Projekt Engineering Leads: Ingo Weißer & Thomas Niwinski ) won 2nd place in the competition for the design of a new bridge in Radofzell at the Bodensee in south Germany.  DKFS with Schuessler- Plan will be invited for negotiation procedure to build new structure on the border to Switzerland.  

The new bridge connects the historic center of Radofzell with the shore of the Bodensee. It is an efficient as well as elegant structure, which is held by two torsion boxes on the inside of the gently sloping access ramps doubling as bench. The ramp facing the lake forms a balcony over the water from where the passer-by can enjoy views across the lake towards the Swiss alps.

The international competition attracted proposals from leaders in their field like Wilkinson Eyre Architects and Schlaich Bergermann und Partner, Stuttgart. Negotiations are intended to start soon. 

Team: Dirk Krolikowski, Falko Schmitt, Ryan Blackford, Michael Scheuvens, Alex Bramhill, Ingo Weißer, Thomas Niwinski

Schüssler Plan    

WINNER : 1st Prize DKFS together with Schlaich Bergermann Partner SBP Stuttgart and SINAI Landscape Berlin

DKFS together with Schlaich Bergermann Partner SBP (Partner: Sven Plieninger) and the landscape architects SINAI from Berlin, won 1st Prize in the competition for the design of a new bridge in Erfurt. The pedestrian and cycle bridge replaces an existing construction built in GDR times. The new link, coined the “The Peg” by local press,  is an important part of the planned expansion of Erfurt's city center related to the district development of “ICE-City”.

The international competition attracted entries from leaders in their field like Wilkinson Eyre Architects, London and Dietmar Feichtinger Architects, Paris.

The fanning steel structure provides a short and a long side, offering pedestrians and cyclists barrier-free crossing of the so-called Gera-Flutgraben or the busy avenue Stauffenbergallee with a provision for a tramway. Wide steps and panoramic stairways provide views over the area’s greenery. Concept Design is intended to start soon. 

Schlaich Bergermann Partner, Stuttgart
SINAI, Berlin                                    

DKFS shortlisted for Völklinger Hütte UNESCO World Heritage Museum

DKFS unveils their proposal for the Völklinger Hütte a UNESCO World Heritage site. The bridge like structure is an addition to a historical water tower used to cool the steel during fabrication. The international competition attracted more than 120 entries. DKFS have been amongst the shortlisted four practices and became 2nd after the negotiating procedure. 

Landsberg Bridge Design starts

The contracts for the design of the new bridge in Landsberg am Lech by Munich are signed. DKFS together with the engineering expert Mayr I Ludescher I Partner (Partner: Hubert Busler) from Munich will work towards finishing concept design for the 150m structure by the end of the year. Once finished it will be one of Europe’s largest weathered steel structures.

More Images of DKFS' Museum Bridge in Lüdenscheid

The clear structural diagram of DKFS' Museum Bridge is expressed in the details of the bridge throughout. The underside of the deck, clearly visible to users of buses and trains as well as the passer-by is recognized as a fifth elevation of the structure. Craftsmanship and structural engineering is obvious and can be enjoyed. While the two main shear links clearly express themselves and their structural relationship to the arch structure the hangers are simply pinned to gussets emerging every 4m from a transversal deck beams. They add to the exciting tectonic of the steel plate deck and underside of the bridge. The in section diamond shaped arches (squashed hexagon) vary width, height and steel plate thickness. The later had to be limited to 30mm to allow for effortless bending of plates as the resulting plates of the arch geometry have a subtle double curvature. Great attention to the way of prepping the plates has led to extraordinary sharp and clean leading edges of the arches making them a piece of art and astonishing craftsmanship in themselves.
The balustrade is made of a frame system filled with black polymer coated stainless steel mesh minimizing visual interruption. It has been designed as a system which is made of a kit of parts that allows for the integration of elements such as conduits. All of the elements of the deck and lift structure are kept in black colour while the arch structure is white.

Architect: DKFS
Engineers:   Concept: Jane Wernick Associates, London PE Colin Jackson / late stages: Werner Sobek Stuttgart
Light: Speirs+Majors, Designers working with light, London

DKFS Museum Bridge

DKFS' Museum Bridge is fully operational and we just got new drone footage of the slender structure. More photos soon!

DKFS EYE bridge assembly time laps

DKFS EYE Bridge installation Linz, AT. Watch the timelaps of the instalation  (feat. Dave Bowman)

Geneva Museum of Archaeology - Bastion Saint Antoine

DKFS together with Kurt Aellen Berne in cooperation with ARCORA I INGEROP Paris and GEOS Geneve unveil the proposal for the extension of the Museum of Archaeology in Geneva, CH. 

The new part of the archaeological Museum for the city of Geneva is a roof structure which covers the excavation zone of the historic city walls. In addition the new museum includes a large exhibition space displaying all excavated items and an educational centre. While the roof is a symbol of the place it at the same time is suspended in between being a part of the landscape and structure in itself. It is tracing the complex plan geometry of the Bastion St. Antoine and is folded up where the entrance with all vertical circulation to the excavation level is located. The underground exhibition chamber will be dug in-between the medieval city walls which will form the walls of the exhibition room. The simple structural system of the roof is ideal to cope with the complex boundary parameters such as the irregular grid of the columns located in the sensitive excavation zone. The simple timber structure also serves as support for a suspended pathway which spirals down into the space. The building generates itself out of the complex boundary parameters of the site located in the heart of the historic centre of Geneva inviting the curious visitor to explore further.

Architect: DKFS with Kurt Aellen Berne
Consultants:  ARCORA Paris PE: Emmanuel Viglino, Yon Chau
GEOS Geneve    PE:  Laurent Cassan, Jean-Baptiste Peaud
Landscape: Latz + Partner, Munich  PA: Julius Peisl,  Kerstin Tänzler
Client: Ville de Genève I Département des constructions et de l'aménagement 

DKFS with Mayr I Ludescher I Partner Munich win international bridge competition

DKFS together with Mayr I Ludescher I Partner (Partner: Hubert Busler)  have won the international competition for the Lech Bridge in Landsberg, Bavaria. The interdisciplinary competition attracted international attention and a high profile shortlist. The 140m structure stood out because of its contextual design and exciting as well as innovative structure reducing the deck to 480mm at its thinnest part. 

DKFS move to new London offices

DKFS have moved to their new offices in 76 Portland Place right in the heart of London close to Oxford and Piccadilly Circus. The building dates back to the 1950s and has been refurbished. The fit-out is colourful with many informal break out spaces which suit a modern and creative style of working. Yeeeaah......we love it! Watch out new web-space coming soon too!                    

DKFS and Tosan Popo Studio team up for Lagos EKO Atlantic Masterplan

DKFS have teamed up with Tosan Popo Studio for a proposal in Lagos, Nigeria.  The project is part of EKO ATLANTIK which is though of as one of the world's most advanced new cities, rapidly developing. It is a visionary project on huge scale constructed on land reclaimed from the Atlantic Ocean.  DKFS' proposal for the 260.000m2 master-plan for the EKO Village subdivides the plot into sectors of varying privacy accumulating around a network of vibrant and shaded retails streets. 


Luedenscheid Bridge and Tower are open!

Luedenscheid Bridge and Tower are erected and operational.  Both new structures were fabricated in Stemwede by Rohlfing Metalworks. While the tower houses a Pendulum as part of the new museum the bridge ensures connectivity to the inner city of Luedenscheid. A formal opening is expected to be in spring once all remaining works are carried out.


Linz Bridge Assembly

DKFS' EYE Bridge  assembled.The stunning structure was lifted in two pieces and is now a new addition to the skyline of linz. Internal fit-out is ongoing.


Moveable Bridge Berlin Charlottenburg

DKFS win 2nd in Berlin Charlottenburg. Other competitors included companies such as GMP Architects and SBP Engineers.

The new infrastructure will connect to a listed hospital and is movable to allow passage of oversized turbine transports from a nearby Siemens factory.


2016: a Space Frame

DKFS' EYE Bridge fabrication is complete.

Length: 65 m  I  Width: 4,30 m  I  Height: 4,30 m  I  Weight: 135 t

Glazed Surface: 220 m² (some of the glas panels weigh up to one metric tonne)
Panel Surface Area: 750 m² ( Aluminium)
Structural System: 3D Truss
Primary Member Dimensions: CHS 220 mm dia, 30 mm wall thickness
Six mass dampers in central section


Nice model ;-)

Nice model of DKFS' Museum Bridge in Luedenscheid by Dortmund Germany.

Architects:                           DKFS Architects
Client:                                  City of Luedenscheid
Structural Consultants:       Werner Sobek Ingenieure, Stuttgart, GER
                                            Jane Wernick Associates, London, UK   PE: Colin Jackson 
Light Design:                       Speirs+Major, London
                                            DIAL Light Design, Luedenscheid
Steelwork Contractor:         Rohlfing Stahlbau
Lift Contractor:                    Heinzerling Hydraulic Lifts


EYE Bridge Fabrication advances

DKFS' EYE Bridge in Linz, Austria: Cladding assembly for final delivery on site in September has begun and is showcasing the exciting geometry!

Architecture: DKFS I Dirk Krolikowski & Falko Schmitt
                       Kneidinger Architekten Linz, Martin Kneidinger
Engineering: Jane Wernick Associates London, Colin Jackson ( Concept)
Client: Oberbank Linz, AT
Photo: Martin Kneidinger                                      

DKFS unveils proposal for New Busstation Leverkusen

DKFS unveils their proposal for the new Busstation roof in Leverkusen. The 125m long and 28m wide roof has a reflecting stainless skin and carved in dedicated spaces which serve as boarding gates. It is the keystone in the regeneration of the new railway station quarter in central Leverkusen and promotes the city as a modern and attractive place to live and work.

Architecture: DKFS I Dirk Krolikowski & Falko Schmitt

 Engineering: Schuessler Plan I Duesseldorf

Client: City of Leverkusen, GER                                                  

Fabrication begins on DKFS' EYE Bridge in Austria

DKFS' EYE Bridge in Linz, Austria: Fabrication of the central section has begun. Segment size of the individual elements is governed by maximum transport size and workshop dimensions. The central section just fits!

Architecture: DKFS Architects London, Dirk Krolikowski & Falko Schmitt
                      Kneidinger Architekten Linz, Martin Kneidinger

Engineering: Jane Wernick Associates London, Colin Jackson ( Concept)

Client: Oberbank Linz, AT