1st Prize Linz Austria

DKFS win international invited competition for a 70m sheltered bridge in Linz, Austria.

The proposal for the new connection of two buildings for the Oberbank of Linz, Austria acts as a legible, attractive, urban element in the skyline of the city. Negotiating in between two stylistically different buildings the modern structure clearly establishes its own identity as part  of the ensemble of buildings. The basic geometry of the trussed beam and thus the bridge volume is simple: It is a mirror-symmetrical extrusion of a square base geometry rotating by 45 degrees to the centre. Roof and soffit are simple, planar surfaces based on the logic that derives from the elegant base geometry. The lateral widening surfaces are glazed forming exciting fully transparent openings for the user as well as for the passer-by to enjoy.

structural consultants: Jane Wernick Associates, London, UK