Dirk Krolikowski, Falko Schmitt, Mirko Baum ISBN 978-3-00-028729-9

that's it. the second edition of KONSTRUKTION is available.

'Structure is one of the most essential constituents of architecture.Its quality is defined by the virtuosity and comprehensiveness of composing and bringing the conceptual as well as the physical elements of the structure together. The way things are brought together and joined mirrors the designer’s attitude and culture. This publication shows the works of students at the Chair of Design Engineering, RWTH Aachen University which were in pursuit of this comprehensiveness in the years 2007-2009.'

Herausgeber / edited by
Lehrgebiet fuer Konstruktives Entwerfen
RWTH Aachen University
Fakultaet fuer Architektur
Univ. Prof. Mirko Baum
Lehrbeauftragte fuer Konstruktives Entwerfen
Dirk Krolikowski
Falko Schmitt
Aachen-London 2009
Layout: Sarah Bosen
Cover: Nikolas U. Torscheit

Printed in Germany
ISBN 978-3-00-028729-9

Text and illustrations © Lehrgebiet fuer Konstruktives Entwerfen
RWTH Aachen University, Faculty of Architecture