Museum Bridge Components Delivered to Site

DKFS’s Museum Bridge in Lüdenscheid Germany: First components from Rohlfing Stemwede by Bremen have arrived on site by night with special transport equipment. The Autobahn vehicle had to be escorted and parts of the route had to be closed down due to the weight and size of the central section. The bridge which is part of the already erected museum tower ensemble – also fabricated by Rohlfing Stemwede- will be lifted in place soon. This will take place late at night as well because the railway has to be closed for the duration of the works above the track.

 Architecture: DKFS Architects London, Dirk Krolikowski & Falko Schmitt

 Engineering: Jane Wernick Associates London, Colin Jackson ( Concept and Scheme Design),                                                          Werner Sobek Stuttgart ( Excecution and Site Supervision)