DKFS and ARUP _ RIBA exhibition at The Building Center, London

The Royal Institute of British Architects on behalf of the Department of Energy and Climate Change and National Grid, invited to rethink one of the most crucial but controversial features of the British landscape: the electricity pylon.

structural consultants: ARUP, London 

There are more than 88,000 pylons in the UK but the familiar steel lattice tower has barely changed since the 1920s. So the competition called for designs for a new generation of pylon; setting a challenge to design a pylon that has the potential to deliver for future generations, whilst balancing the needs of local communities and preserving the beauty of the countryside.
The competition attracted 250 entries from all over the world; This exhibition focuses on some 90 entries whose ingenuity the RIBA would like to celebrate.

From 23rd of November to 23rd of December 2011.